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When you've got to be away, your pet can still play (with us)!

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Our boarding service is one of our most popular services because our home is your pet's home when you have to be away. There's no need to feel the guilt of leaving your precious pet behind when they take a "pet-cation" with us!

Each pet will have his or her own sleeping space or safe space to relax if they need it, but don't worry, they won't spend much time in there! When your pet stays in our home, they are a part of our family. We play, we go on plenty of walks, and we cuddle on the couch in the evenings for a good belly rub. Your pet will think it's gone off to the spa while you're away!

All pets must be current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered. Bordatella vaccine is required for pets boarding with us.


We also offer vacation pet-sitting visits that include walks, feeding, playtime, freshening water, mail retrieval and light rotation. We service Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Fish, Reptiles, and the list goes on!


Service comes with GPS tracking, a detailed message about our visit (report card), and pictures of your pet!

Feeding Guinea Pig
Sleeping Dogs


If your pet cannot stay with us for any reason, we will provide overnight, in-home stays (in your own home) when requested.

A typical overnight stay consists of 12 consecutive hours of care in the comfort of your home, approximately 8:00PM to 8:00AM. If needed, we walk your pet upon arrival and before we leave in the morning. A mid-day walk or visit is recommended to complete the stay.

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