With us your pet is sitting pretty!

We can ensure that your pet will have more than enough time outside. It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun they’ll be having. Outdoor activities not only provide an opportunity for exercise, but also help to curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialize with other animals.

Is your friend cooped up all day and in desperate need of a mid day potty break/walk?  Service comes with GPS tracking and you're sent a message after the visit. Book with us Today!


$15 | 15 Minutes

$20 | 30 Minutes

$26 | 45 Minutes

$32 | 60 Minutes


We love all animals and are happy to board your dog, cat or other pet. In the comfort of our home, we make them feel "at home".  Minimum of 4 walks a day, playtime, interaction throughout the day, comfy sleeping quarters, and MOST of all, YOU having the PEACE OF MIND while you're away.  Business trip, vacation, or a weekend away; we are here!  Please message for more details.

We spend the night in your home (7pm – 7am or you can customize) so your pet is in the comfort of their own home.  They maintain their routine which we hope gives you an added peace of mind.  Evening and morning walks included. 1-3 dogs. Service comes with daily updates and pictures during the stay.

$60 | 12 Hours

$5 Addtl- 2nd & 3rd Dog

We let your dog/s out for yard time, clean up waste, refill their water, give them a treat if wanted, and send you a message after the visit.  They will thank you with extra kisses, daily! Service comes with GPS tracking and you're sent a message after the visit.

$12 | 10 Minutes 1-2 dogs

$15 | 15 Minutes for 3+ dogs

We remove all dog waste from your property while relocking gates and keeping your dogs safe.  When you return home, you will have a clean and green lawn! 

$20 for your average lawn

(Price varies on size of lawn)

Need a ride?  TAXI!  We take your pet/s to the vet, groomer, or day care.  Appointments, appointments, appointments....let us do the running!

$20 | per ride | 10 mile radius

$1 for each addtl mile


We offer 10 and 20 minute cat visits. We will refresh their water and food, scoop litter, give treats if wanted and give them loving pets. We will offer other services such as bringing in the mail. Service comes with GPS tracking and you're sent a message after the visit.

$12 | 10 Minutes

$20 | 20 Minutes

Don't see a plan that fits your pets needs? We're here to help in any manner we can...just send us a message and we will work together to build a plan that's right for you and your little pet.

Visits include walks, feeding, playtime, freshening water, mail retrieval and light rotation. We service Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Fish, and Reptiles! Service comes with GPS tracking and you're sent a message after the visit.

$21 | 30 Minutes

$27 | 45 Minutes

$33 | 60 Minutes


10172 Elgin Way, Bristow, VA. 20136


Phone (703) 856-7463


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